Who is that Guy Rapping in Mitsubishi commercials?

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2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross exterior passenger side profile

Viral marketing is a big thing these days with companies trying to create fun and sharable advertisements. It’s nothing new, companies have been doing it for years. Some horror movies try to scare people into going and others simply try to just generate a lot of buzz by doing a big publicity stunt. 

Could a car company take advantage of that though? How do you make a test drive exciting and worth sharing? Well, Mitsubishi had an idea and they decided to try and create their own viral commercial that has been making the rounds on TV and the internet lately. 

Who is that guy in the Mitsubishi commercials? 

You’ve probably seen the videos by now, unsuspecting car shoppers climb into a Mitsubishi car to give it a test drive with a seemingly normal guy in a company polo. It’s not too long before the Mitsubishi “employee” starts knocking out some entertaining rhymes and smooth flows much to the surprise of the unsuspecting drivers.  

Red Diamond 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross exterior front fascia and drivers side

That rapper’s name is Harry Mack, an artist based out of Los Angeles, CA, who partnered up with Mitsubishi for these commercials. Mack crafts lines centered around the features of the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross but presents them in a freestyle manner meaning everything is coming from the top of his head. The drivers are all clearly surprised not only by the rapping itself but by the technical skill Mack displays on the mic. You can check out Mack’s YouTube channel here. 

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